Reduce lighting building time

Hi, i’m creating a small 2d game and when i try to build it it takes hours to build the lighting. I don’t have any point of light or anything and the game itself is very small. Is there anyway to reduce the duration of that light build since i don’t really need it?


What resolution are your light maps? What is your lightmass settings? What are your computer specs? Are you using a lightmass importance volume?

Well i didn’t modified any of these parameters, i’m quit new to unreal so i don’t really know what these do, they must be the same that on a blank project . My specs are: intel core i7 3770k and a r9 390, i guess these are the two componement that are useful to render the light.

You’re free to ignore the rebuild lighting warning.

I read your post wrong, all you need to do is enable “Force No-Precomputed Lighting” in world settings

I don’t see any warning, but i think ZacD found the solution thanks anyway

Hi, thanks don’t worry my post wasn’t really clear, english isn’t may native language sometimes it’s hard to describe something, your solution worked perfectly, if later i decide to add a point light i guess i’il need to disable this function.Will there be anything i could do to reduce this building time anyway? Thanks again!

You can add lights, but they will be dynamic lights, which are more performance intensive. How long is the build time? Do you have a lot of 3d meshes?

No not really i don’t have a lot of 3D mesh, i’m new to unreal engine so it’s nothing fancy or complicated, it’s a 2d game. I guess the build time was around 2 or 3 hours even more, it seemed weird to me since there isn’t much content in my game.

Yeah that’s really odd, it should be more like 30 seconds if there’s nothing to really bake.