Reduce Landscape resolution?

Hello everyone,
is it possible to reduce landscape resolution once created?

This is the current resolution I would like to reduce

Was it imported from an external application? There’s a few settings under Modes > Landscape, yet not sure if those would suffice.

Hello, the landscape has been entirely generated in UE. I’ve never tried , do you think can I just reduce the resolution so the number of triangles without losing texture datas?

LOD Distance factor. Select the landscape, and adjust the distance factor settings. LOD0 controls the highest quality LOD (typically what affects the majority of polygons used on landscape) while the other settings control the landscape further in the distance. Adjust them until you get settings that work for your needs.

My guess is that you are on .24 and that you have the material on the labdscape with tessellation enabled and the adaptive checkbox checked.

At a diatance the landacape viewed in wireframe mode should never be that dense.

Can’t the landscape mesh be modified in the mesh editor, with number of triangles able to be reduced, and other settings such as LODs changed?

The landscape it’s a self contained thing that self manages (to allow you to sculpt it).
You can try changing component sizes, but it’s pointless. Export your height-map, make a new map of the size you need export that height map and copy/paste the old one on the new one (avoids sizing issues).
Then just re-import it.

Obviously, if the issue is the material this won’t change a thing.

no Im using v .25

Yes it is to dense at distance so how can I change density based on distance? Because I know Landscape has a proper way to do that

it does it on its own if LODs are enabled.
and if, as I said, your landscape material does not have adaptive tessellation checked.

well, how can I check if LODs are enabled?

Type LOD in the details panel after selecting the landscape.

There are a lot of options. By default they are enabled.
So if you have the yellow “reset” checkmark next to an entry you may want to try it and see…

Oh yes man, I see the options. This is the default setup so basically what can I do with it for reducing the landscape resolution?