Reduce draw calls on mesh instances from maya

Hello everyone out there,

I am new to unreal and have been using it for past 6 months. last week I encountered the term draw calls and thought how hard can it keep them under control coz I only have 10 individual pieces which are instanced and scattered 13000 times in Maya and then imported into unreal using FBX imported using Import Into level.

when I check draw calls count using the ***


*** CMD it shows more than 20,000 which is extremely high for VR. according to unreal the suggested draw call shd not be more than 500.

I only have 10 Individual pieces and 4 shaders which are making the whole environment but I don’t know why I am getting so many draw calls.

I have created a test scene replicating the same issue I am having if anyone wants to give it a shot.

sample scene download Link :!AoPgVfp1H6gjoQyyiIOROKe3BBFT

what I don’t understand is why UNREAL doesn’t automatically create INSTANCED static mesh instead of static mesh in blueprint class upon importing my FBX file for all the instanced geometry which I instanced in Maya

please help so that I can finish the project and not have to work on this during Christmas.
My Christmas is on the line Guys.

Thanks a lot for your time.

FBX imported using Import Into level

BluePrint created upon importing the FBX using IMPORT INTO LEVEL

I should not have more than 12-15 Mesh draw calls coz all elements are Instances of first object in the row but upon checking I see one draw call getting generated for each element in the scene.

Hello, I am no expert but I have been studying instancing a lot in UE4. Since you asked this last year you may already be aware but I’ve tested instanced meshes created in Maya and imported, vs instanced meshes added with Blueprints… and the performance costs were about the same.

Also, it seems that instances don’t alleviate draw calls on the GPU, but they work as intended on the CPU.