Reduce Compiling Shaders when first opening project

So this is a common question and problem with several possible solutions.
I am primarily concerned with shader compile times when first opening projects.
Other than investing in a new Threadripper are there any ‘tricks’ to reduce shader compile times when opening large sample projects from the marketplace for the first time?

Can the actual .uproject files be edited somehow?

Hi, not quite sure what you want. You cannot reduce shader compile times. You can open the project faster though. You can open the “DefaultEngine.ini” file inside the config folder of the project, and delete the line with “EditorStartupMap=…”. That way the project will load with the default map and since it won’t compile any shaders it will open quite fast. But if you then open the map with all the assets, then it will compile the shaders and you will still need to wait the same time…

Thanks for the feedback