Reduce Blocky Lighting on Smooth Face?

In order to increase light map resolution inside of UE4 look here.

Here is also a link to lighting and troubleshooting.


Okay, interesting things.

First off, importing as a static mesh dramatically reduced the grid effect.

Secondly, while turning off Ambient Occlusion didn’t solve the problem, turning off dynamic shadows did. This leads me to believe that the problem rests in the directional light and the shadows that it is casting. I’ll fiddle with some settings and post updates.

Not sure tessellation applies; it says tessellation is a DX11 feature and I’m on a Mac. Does it function in OpenGL?

In regard to light map resolution, that seems to be for static meshes; the problems I’m having are on skeletal meshes. In response to Hyperloop above I tried importing the mesh as a static mesh and the problem was not present, and as I discovered below, turning off dynamic shadows made the effect disappear. I’m fiddling with settings on the light source (a directional light) to see if that solves the problem. Do you have any suggestions?

Took a new screenshot. The mesh on the left is using a standard diffuse material (pure white), while the one on the right is using a preintegrated skin material (also pure white, with white subsurface color). Notice that the effect is much more present on the right mesh.

There doesn’t seem to be much else I can do to improve the shading on the subsurface models, so I may just have to emulate the effect, perhaps with careful application of emission materials.

Since your character has no surface color and you don’t have to do any tricky hue shifting for the scattered light, you could probable emulate the effect on the right pretty well with an emissive channel with a parameter that you tie to the brightness of the light in your level. Also check out the “Fuzzy Shading” node, if you are going for a marshmallow look, that may help get you there as well since marshmallows have a sort of velvety texture.

Neat character by the way!

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