Redirecting UE4 Files

I was going to try out C++ on Unreal Engine 4 for the first time, but when I went to create a pawn, it told me that they had to be created in ‘C:/Users/KuroTheSidhe/Documents/Unreal Projects/CPPTest/Source/CPPTest/’, however, this is my SSD hard-drive (250Gb) and I’d much rather use my other hard-drive (2Tb) as these projects usually take up a lot of space. Is there anyway to redirect it to my D: drive (I thought i’d be able to redirect it in regedit but I wasn’t able to find it)?

Even though I was the one to ask this question, I guess i’ll be the first to answer (found out from a friend). If anyone wanted to know how to, just go to folders, right click on documents, then go to properties, location and then change the ‘C:/’ part to ‘D:/’, or whatever you’re trying to do. After that, just click apply and it should be working now. This is, if your UE4 projects are saved in documents.