Redemtion Code Error 400


I am a beginner to UE4 and am currently going through multiple tutorials on the website/learning pages.
When i am watching one tutorial there is a redemtion key under the video so i can use it while learning.
When im trying to redem the code i get a Error 400 saying only ‘Request failed with status code 400’.

I have been looking around and cant find any soltutions.
The code is from Paul Kind’s “High End Product Lighting and Rendering (Exterior)” Tutorial.
Code: (Retracted)

Anyone know a fix for this so i can continue my learning?

Best Regards

I not sure if you suppose to post this code publicly so i retracted it. If you find that code in some tutorial, there possibility it got redeemed or is not valid anymore

hello, i am getting the same error for paul kind’s studio lighting course, which looks brand new. what exactly is the resolution? thanks, k

Same here on the Studio Lighting Course

Same problem here with Studio Lighting course.

I realized that the content for the High End Product Lighting and Rendering (Exterior) course is the same as the one used by Paul Kind in the Online Learning Automotive course which in my case I downloaded some time ago. I could follow along with those project files. It looks like the error was because I already redeemed the code in that opportunity.

Btw, I tried redeeming the code through the marketplace web version (not through the Epic Games Launcher). At least the error message was more verbose.