Red Text Rebuild light

Hi everyone,

i just want ask about how to get rid of the red text in upper left side of the viewport about building lighting ,not hiding the stats i’ve done that,

i’m talking about when i hit paly in editor the red text is still appearing in the window of play in editor even though i hide the stats in viewport.

Thank you.

On the top menu, press the little drop down near build, and hit “Build Lighting Only”. If it doesnt go away, just hit build(It takes longer if you hit build.)


Ah, i see. You can open-up the console (you can find the hotkey by searching in the editor settings) and type “DisableAllScreenMessages” to hide them. This will solve for the editor but i am not sure if it will hide them when you actually run the game.

For that, you can try putting an “execute console command” node to the beginplay of your character, and to the command type “DisableAllScreenMessages”. Hope this helps!

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actually you didn’t undestand my question maybe i wasn’t descriptive enough ,

let me put it this way, if i don’t want to build my lighting right now idon’t care about it let it to be dealt with later) and want the text to go away for now, i usually hide it by checking stats off well then the text will go away just in the principle actual editor viewport ,

but the red text still appear in the play in editor separate window or even if you play in selected window, i want it to go away from the playing session also .



…Ohh…fantastic i didn’t know you can execute console commands inside blueprint graphs at all , very useful to know about , i see a lot of uses for that ,
and my issue was solved the red text disappears from the gameplay as you described , i can’t thank you enough man .

Just one last thing :
Attaching actions to several events" beginplay" in each graph of different blueprints , means it executes all those seperate actions at the same time from those different blueprints when the game starts ,but you can’t have several events “beginplay” in the same graph , is all in that true ?.