Red Alert 2 remake for VR

Hi everybody,

I’d like to share my latest personal project. It’s proof of concept VR RTS based on the original C&C: Red Alert 2 game.

Since I got my HTC Vive, I was wondering how cool it would be to play C&C: Red Alert 2 in VR on a large room sized plotting table.

So I decided to make it …
… and yes, I was right it’s awesome! :smiley:

Gameplay video using HTC Vive in room scale mode.

More coming soon!

****, that looks awesome!


Great idea and great work!!!

Wow, PCGamer wrote an article about your video!
Nice work :slight_smile:
I love the concept of in-game tablet.

Awesome work, you need a beta tester, send me a PM!:smiley:

Same here!!

This is fantastic, you have done a really good job of keeping it in the same style.

I actually saw this on Reddit’s front page. But Eurogamer have posted it here incase you didn’t know.

Love the tablet with everything on it. How well does it run with many many units?

Throwing my hat in for testing! Have some vives would love to give it a go and provide feedback.

Looking fantastic btw! :slight_smile:

Great job so far! I’ve been waiting for games like this on VR since I first put my Vive on.

Something that jumps to my mind is having a Tiltbrush style menu instead of the tablet (which also looks great). Being able to use your left thumb to quickly rotate/switch the menu to different units and commands may make selection quicker and easier.

If you need testing at any stage, more than happy to help out!

Great work.
You are mentioned at a large Gaming Website in germany.

Awesome concept proof and great overall quality for the concept. Made my day!
As well as DylserX, if it’s possible and required - I’m ready for testing this! :slight_smile: Got Vive and ready to give feedback

Hey ! is there a way to try this out?

Omg! Very cool, can’t wait to try it out!

! This is crazy and I love it!

Where can we download a build of this or is it just for you?

Hello ,

I am glad you like it!

I am afraid I cannot release it in any form because of copyright issues. Unfortunately EA denied my permission request to share it with the community.

[FONT=Courier New]Dear ,

Thank you for your interest in Electronic Arts Inc. EA appreciates the passion that players like you have for our games, and we’re always excited to see the creativity that comes from our community. While we appreciate your enthusiasm for our Command & Conquer: Red Alert games, we are unable to authorize your request to distribute a remake VR version of our Red Alert 2 game, regardless of whether it is commercial. We greatly respect our fans and hope this response does not diminish your interest in our games.

Kind regards,
EA Permission Requests Team

In the future I’ll continue to work on the VR RTS concept, and hopefully release something new without the C&C: Red Alert IP.

Awesome work sir! I’ve got 8 copies of Red Alert 2, and have been wanting to make a VR RTS game for a while now.

Could you make this for Red Alert? That’s freeware atm. Besides the clunky interface, it was a great game.

Hey , Jamie from UploadVR here. Would you mind shooting me an email so I can get in contact? I’m at

Hey man, if you remake it from the ground up i.e. not a red alert copy but instead an original RTS game, j would be glad to help out with 3d work. Am a 3d artist and currently working on my 2nd title for VR. I wiuld love to help you see this through. I dont think you would have copy right issues if you made the 3d art unique to your game instead of copying red alert.

Anyways let me know, this looks too awesome to let a big company bully you to its death.

Mwahahahah XD This is so ****ing awesome! Thank you for making this a reality. :smiley:

Sad to hear about EA denying the permission… I taught Westwood studios were dissolved ages ago…
But cant wait to see the VR RTS you will come up further :slight_smile:

Love your work btw… it is awesome…