Recursive portals

So how does this work? The obvious way would be render targets though they are inefficient.

Are you going to work on walking through the portals?

I use 20 RenderTextures, but I update them in turn with a certain pause, but this system requires a lot of resources, but I use ForwardShading and
I do not use dynamic lighting, so I do not use big scenes, I use small rooms with transitions between them. (
stable 95 fps) portals will be functional, they can be interacted as in the game “Portal” (sorry for my english)

Been following this for a while, absolutely incredible work. Is this for an internal project or would you consider presenting this as a purchasable asset on the marketplace? Either way, amazing job, keep up the great work!

this is for my game, but after the release I’ll post it to the store or for free on the forum. Sorry for my english.