Recreating Uncharted 4 waterfall

As the title implies, I’m trying to get something close or (better if possible) to uncharted 4’s waterfall which is as mesmerising as its sublimity.

Have a look at it

OK but… Where’s your project ?

Hey I’m just getting started with unreal engine
By now I know the basics but I want to get into VFX and make particle type things like the waterfall and it shouldn’t be only pleasing to the eyes but also efficiently designed to have a good performance

So any suggestions where should I get started and how can I recreate this waterfall in UE4 with a decent performance?



Keep up your Flame and I’m sure you will succeed.

A waterfall like that should be performant enough regardless of other game play aspects, if a waterfall like that is eating up performance to a noticeable degree then there is something very wrong with it.

There are two ways to go about it. The particle generator for Unreal Engine is great and could work well for your needs. And the other option you have is probably using the material editor. Unreal Engine allows you to animate materials to give the illusion of water, wind, etc. You can get a feel for the water shader in Unreal here: and if you want to give the illusion of water movement, the “SimpleGrassWind” node in the material editor will help you achieve that

I believe if you do a combination of the two, you might get a cool waterfall effect.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try and figure things around

Thanks man

Agree totally.