Recreating The Showdown Camera In My Own Scene

Hi guys,

I’ve been googling like crazy, and I’ve seen a few threads on this but none really help with my understanding.

Basically what I’m trying to do is have a camera, on a rail that moves through a scene that works with the Oculus Rift, exactly like the Showdown demo. I have been able to get a camera to move through the scene, I have fade ins, fade outs, sounds, objects moving, all that stuff works perfectly. The only thing I can’t get working is the Oculus part. Whenever I move my head, the camera jitters and won’t allow me to look around the scene, it’s like it’s stuck looking at the original camera path.

How do I make it so I can simply look around the scene? I have looked at the tutorials for the “rollercoaster” plugin but that’s not really what I’m after.

Hope I’ve explained that well. Any help would be massively appreciated, I’ve genuinely been trying to figure this out for the last week or so and my boss needs to see what I’ve been doing haha!


Hello again.

I’ve figured out what I was doing wrong - trust me to realise my mistake only after posting a thread, typical!

Ok so for those who are also wondering, I had to set the Blueprint for World overide to “OculusGame” - This then gave me control of the head movement. So simple, d’oh!

To do this, on the top menu hit blueprints > Gamemode (under world override) > Set gamemode > Oculus Game. If it isn’t there, you may need to copy over the blueprints from the Showdown VR to your own projects folder. Not sure if that’s the case though.

Hope that helps someone!