Recording Depth and Velocity in sequencer

Hi all,

I am somewhat new to UE, and I am trying to record Scene Color, Scene Depth and Motion Vectors (aka Velocity) in different textures.

Just to get things started, I decided to try this out on the “your firs hour with sequencer” tutorial.

I set up the Sequencer to record 3 custom passes as so:

The final image and Depth textures are fine, but the Velocity spits out constant values of [0.5, 0.5, 0, 0] for all frames.

I tried setting up a custom post processing material:

But it’s even worse: my final render is yellowish and still no difference in the Velocity output.

Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong?

What is the easiest way to achieve what I am trying?

Thank you for your help.

This way of exporting out of sequencer is outdated and will be deprecated within 4.27 I believe, instead you should be using the Movie Render Queue which already has a way to export velocity and world depth easily. For velocity if you go down to the velocity section on this page they mention how to use it in post.

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Thanks for the reply, sorry I didn’t acknowledge earlier but I was off on vacation :slight_smile:

I’ll look into the Movie Render Queue which seems to do the job for now.

And now the bonus question: is it possible to do all this during gameplay? Without using sequences? (framerate is not an issue)


I’m not too sure if you can achieve that at runtime but there is a sequencer recorder which should allow you to capture specified actors that will be saved to a sequence once done.