Record multiple camera from matinee

Hi everybody, I’m new to Unreal but, day by day, I’m learning a lot of things.
Today I need to do a thing that i need, but i still haven’t found an answer to my question.
There is a way to record, trough matinee (or blueprint) , more than one camera at the same time?
I would like to do this because I want to capture two (or more) camera synchronously and export together into one (or two separates) movie.
I need this because if I use particles system, they just doesn’t work properly because everytime i try to record a movie, the particles mismatch.
I tried with cube and scene capture 2D, but I need higher resolution than 2K.

Is this possible or there is almost one solution that I don’t still found anywhere?

Sorry for my bad English, I hope somebody could help me.
Many Thanks!

This is what I want to do and what I want to say in the main message.


Nobody know how to rec from multiple director simultaneously?
If isn’t possible, there is another way to do this via bluprint?
Thanks for an answer :slight_smile:

Why don´t you do this: Animating Characters and Objects in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

As the document shows you need only one director track. You can set when to switch to each camera by setting keyframes on that director track.

Ok, thanks again for the answer, but what I need is to render two cameras togheter at the same time. This allows me to render everything “as is”, because the main problem for me is the particles system, but it seems that I solved this issue using the seed values for each particles (and now they are the same everytime i rec with different camera).
Another way I found to recreate what I said is using the Render Target, but this solution is too heavy and the final quality of the render is pretty…horrible :S
Thanks for all guys :smiley:

P.S. Thanks again Jacky :smiley:

No problem!

You cant render through more than one camera. You can use render target as you’ve already found out, though it may not give the desired result all the time. Check this out if you want to give render target one more try and see if there is anything you are missing.

Ok! :slight_smile:
That’s one thing I could use, but for the project I’m working on, I think it’s useless…
I think I’ll use render target…and stop :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, I’m currently stuck with this problem. :joy: Have you solved this problem by any chance?

Stuck too.