Record a particle system

Hi, thanks for your time!
I’m creating a small game and I don’t have many “beautiful” 3D models ( and I don’t have the money to buy some! ) so I’m using a lot of “magical” effects, particle systems and lighting effects to cap this problem. The player control a “mage” and every fire effects are made with particle system and this is using a lot of CPU/GPU to make animation that are really fast and doesn’t really need to be 100% dynamic like a particle system. Ex : when I throw a fireball, I don’t have time to look at how the particles behaves so even if I had the exact same “fire” animation every time ( or maybe a set of 2 or 3 different animation ), that would’nt be the end of the world ( I hope ! ).
My question is, is it possible to “record” a particle system, record how it behave for Ex. 3 seconds, create a kind of “3D animation” that I could play again, and see the exact same particle system, but without asking to the GPU to update hundreds of particles each ticks! I could then simply add a simple particle system that create some smoke behind the “3D animation” and add some lighting effects…