Recompiled for Mac but can't package: Failed to cook...It imports class...which is in a module that is not available on the platform

Hi all,

I compiled a version of a plugin that is originally for Windows on my Mac using Mac (Rosetta) on Mac M1 with Xcode 13.4.1 with macOS 12.2.1.

Original plugin:

It works fine in the editor but when I try to package a project, it says:
“UATHelper: Cooking (IOS): LogCook: Error: Failed to cook for platform IOS. It imports class /Script/NiagaraUIRenderer.NiagaraSystemWidget, which is in a module that is not available on the platform.”

Would anyone know what might be causing this? I checked the .cpp files but nothing stood out for me. I’ve posted them below.



Download Mac build:



Where you able to solve this ?

Same problem here with the same plugin.

I did, but I don’t recall doing anything special. If you’re looking for the Mac/iOS version of this particular plugin, I posted it here:

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