Recommended tutorials for starting in VR?

Hey All,

Sorry for the stupid question. I’m new to doing projects in VR and was curious what courses you all would recommend watching to help better understand doing it. Also, I want to focus mostly on using the Index controllers if that means anything.


There are some valuable productivity, free tutorials on the Unreal Online Learning website. One covers VR walk throughs.

There is also a bunch of tutorials on YouTube. Just watch them all and you’re prepared to make simple VR-games. It’s not so different from making other games, it’s just not controlled by keyboard and mouse, but by a motion controller.

Also if your using the index controllers, SEARCH for
**SteamVR Input for Unreal **in the marketplace, lots of stuff already set up for you.

Hey I got a few tutorials on my channel that can get you started with basic VR interactions. The videos cover the examples implemented in a free community project which aims at showing people how to get started implementing VR features/systems.

I have some tutorials for the VR Expansion plugin here: .
It’s for people who are new to UE4 though.