Recommended replacement for Pixel Depth Offset Blending with Temporal AA for object blending?


Previously in a material I would use Pixel Depth Offset and Dither Temporal AA to blend objects as seen here.

In UE5 nanite objects just turn grey when I apply this shader and regular objects create intense noise as seen in the attached gif.

Is there a recommended replacement for Pixel Depth Offset Blending with Temporal AA for blending objects?

Many thanks for any time and help


Virtual texture blending is your best bet. TAA dither and PDO are not supported by nanite and I do not know of any ETA estimate or intent for support.

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Many Thanks. I’ll head in that direction

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Linking to a handy blending material I found a few months ago, it’s heavier than needed for most projects but useful for learning.

Turning off Affect Distance Field Lighting on your meshes is key for RVT blending to function as expected (see ‘additional notes’ section in video description.)

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OOOooo that things is awesome! Many many many thanks!

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Quick update to correct the info I provided in this thread;

PDO is now available and working with nanite for 5.1 and behaves pretty much the same as does on non-nanite meshes in terms of positives/negatives (Self-shadowing behavior relative to blend distance being the primary issue, as usual/expected.)

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