Recomended System for VR Presentations

Hello everyone,

I am an architect that wants to use VR to showcase my office’s designs to clients. This is a lot to consider with this new technology, but I feel that UE4 is a great option.

I am hoping to get some suggestions for hardware from the community.
Currently my office runs all Macs, which I am already seeing as a problem with using any VR systems, and I would like some suggestions on good computers to run UE4 on. I would prefer laptops so that we can take the system with us to presentations. I would love to use a Microsoft Surface Book, but it doesn’t look like it has a good enough graphics card, has anyone tried it out?

Also, can anyone recommend a headset. I am leaning towards the Rift, but that’s just a gut feeling and I am not sure what benefits it has over the other systems.

Finally, has anyone used UE4 with the HoloLens? This piece of hardware has me most excited for my need since it is portable and is being designed around the architectural work flow. However, I would like to know if it works with UE4.

Thanks for the help

What’s your budget? If budget isn’t an issue,

you can get the Razer Blade Pro with a desktop 1080 class GPU in a fairly thin form factor PC (or at least thin considering the components inside it).

Rift might be preferable if you don’t mind forward facing VR and find additional power point access difficult. I’ve found that in carrying my Vive around to meetings, the light houses are a PITA to setup. I’ll need to start carrying tripods for them TBH.

Thanks for the reply, sorry for the delay. I was at an industry conference and the Razer Blade was mentioned as being used by firms to run their VR. Also, it looks like razor offers some clean looking laptops that don’t look like something my kids would be playing with (There is nothing wrong with those laptops, I just didn’t want to pitch a multimillion dollar project on something with an alien head on it).

Thank you for the input it is much appreciated