RecastNavMesh Agent Radius it is not working


I have a problem with navmesh in the editor. i tried to modify in project settings and is fixed it, but it is not updating in the RecastNavMesh-Default. Everything is working fine, but Agent Radius parameter is not working. How could i fix that?

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Hey Fredroxin,

As far as I’m aware, there’s currently an issue where the Navmesh is recreated each time you load a level, which causes the default properties to remain.

The way to handle this for right now is to add a supported agent and set the agent radius and other properties in that.

You can do this by navigating to Project Settings->Navigation System and adding a Supported Agent. If you set the radius there, you’ll notice that the agent radius will be set correctly after you build paths or restart the project if you’re not seeing the changes immediately.

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I run into this bug, and it is very stupid bug:
you should not change the project setting “agent radius” with keyboard, instead, drag it with mouse !!!

if you have already changed it, follow steps like this:

  • Goto project setting, find “agent radius”, set it to “35”
  • Drag the value with mouse! Drag the value with mouse! Drag the value with mouse!
  • Now the value is successfully updated

You are an absolute god. How the ■■■■ is that a bug in the engine?
Thank you so much for being that guy writing a solution after you found it. <3

@Sean_L Tried that and I can’t teleport in my scene anymore. I’m using streamed levels on a VR setup, using the default VR Pawn teleport logic. I can see the projected teleport circle on the ground, wherever there’s a navmesh, but it won’t commit to teleporting.

I’d imagine this is easily replicated by adding a support agent on the default VR teleport level.