Rear View Camera

I am looking forward to add a Rear-View Camera to the HUD of a 1st Person Shooter game.

I guess a cheap solution is by using a Scene Capture 2D component and then Render Target texture.
This will create a mirror object yet it is not what I try to achieve.

I mean a mirror would be perfect for the side mirrors of a car in a Racing game but in a FPShooter must be in the HUD.


For start I have just added a second camera at the viewport of my character.

If that’s ok, what should be the next step?

Thanks in advance!

I finaly managed to do it with a strange way.

I used this tutorial where it shows how to make a minimap.

In truth, I only change the last part → Instead a static camera (for minimap usage) i actually attach the camera to the character!

In a nutshell the steps are like this:

  1. Create a new Texture (Render Target)
  2. Crate a HUD (if you don’t already have one)
  3. Open the HUD in Editor and Add Event Draw HUD
  4. (in the same editor) Draw Texture (don’t forget to set the Texture you create in Step #1)
  5. Create a Blueprint (Actor) for the Camera
  6. Open this Blueprint in Editor, add a Camera and a SceneCaptureComponent2D
  7. Add this actor to the level & attach it at your character.

A small step for Game Developement, a big step against Βackshooters!