Realtime Lighting and Distance Field Questions

Ok, distance fields are incredibly useful. The AO and Soft Shadows from them look fantastic, but I have some problems with the soft shadows. With (movable) directional lights, it seems that you need to disable CSM if you want to fully use DFSS, but then there’s no fallback if you lower the shadow quality, which is problematic. Any ideas as to how I should get around this? Also, I can’t find any information on how well large amounts lights casting DFSS scale performance wise. Is it similar to traditional shadow mapping, where you can’t have very many shadow-casting lights, or does it scale better? I’m hoping distance field solutions will make it so that I no longer have to bake lightmaps. That being said, if you disable static lighting, is there any benefit to using stationary lights instead of movable lights, and if so, why?