Realtime GI for open worlds - is it already in ?

Just watched this:

Is this already in 4.11 ?

If so, what do we even need LPV in UE4? (maybe performance is better with LPV?)

That is Enlighten, it is not a part of UE 4, you need to buy a license.

“Enlighten is built into Unity 5 and is available as a stand-alone SDK or integrated into the Unreal Engine 3 and 4” << that’s what it says on their website.

That simply means that you don’t have to integrate it yourself. You still have to buy their license though.

I see. That’s why UE4 has LPVs :slight_smile:

Yeah also Enlighten isn’t suitable for environments that change dynamically all the time, just static ones since it’s based on Lightmaps.

If you read their website it states that’s actually designed for dynamic environments. It’s a real-time solution, not just lightmaps based.

Enlighten only works with static objects, the only thing it offers is the ability to animate lights, so for a large open world you could animate the sun movement, but if you have an object that’s moving it will not have dynamic GI. Also, since it has to be pre-processed it only works with static objects that are in the scene at the time, so if you place an object during gameplay even if it’s static it won’t get GI either.

I would love to play with this, I dream of Geomerics offering an indie license one day.

Or just integrating it into Unreal engine 4 for free. ( hm hint hm ) :smiley: