Realtime Export of Cubemap Texture

Hi There.

I am currently trying to figure out a way to get a cubemap render target to output through a blackmagic decklink card (SDI). The scene capture will output a regular render target on the card no problem but just wont take a cubemap render target. I read somewhere that the UV’s on a cubemap texture aren’t right and need to be set but I am currently struggling with the most efficient way to convert it so the Blackmagic output will take it. I have tried converting it into a material and using a Texcoord → UVtoLonglat set up but then I can’t work out the construction script that will render that back out as a 2D render target to output on the decklink card in real time.

Any help is much appreciated, also if anyone knows a way of increasing the output resolution of the 2048 max then that would be amazing.