RealTime Architectural Visualization

hi folks,
Our latest work of architectural interiors in Unreal Engine 4, Our previous work was in Unity3d, we have recently started to move from Unity to Unreal. Hope you all like it :slight_smile:


Great job with the ArchViz! I am continually impressed with what the ArchViz community is putting out with their projects. I think this just goes to show the power and flexibility of the engine when it’s not being used just to create games.

Great work and keep us posted with any updates!


Howdy VirtualSurrealism,

Fantastic work on your ArchViz Project! I do really enjoying seeing UE4 used for something other then just games. I hope to see more of your work in the near future. Be sure to keep us posted.

Thanks and have a great day!

Sure I like it…:slight_smile:
Nice Start
Best wishes

whats the mesh density for your furniture and kitchen supplies? Can you show us wireframes?

there you go.


Really impressive! I kind of had the feeling you where walking inside a 3d scan or something like that.
It just looks very real!

@dblaex thanks for the appreciation mate :slight_smile:

Love what is see

wow wonderful! Do you have a demo to try it out?


thanks folks, sorry for a late response, we were completely stuck in a project and some difficult deadlines to meet. sad part is for our new project we had to go with Unity, since this sort of quality just doesnt play well with Oculus Dk2.
@PLASTICA-MAN we havent released a demo of it yet, but plan to do it really soon with additional areas included. i will pm you as soon as we put it on our site.

VirtualSurrealism, what was your poly count for that, just looking at the image showing the vertices it looks very high.

160,000 faces. i wouldnt consider it high. it runs smooth on my hd 7950 graphic cards, as you can see in the demo video. sure i couldve reduced it more but this is the detail level i wanted to keep.

Wow. Thank you very much !

This looks very impressive. Is the main part of the modeling done in 3dsmax then imported to UDK? The layout looks really good and lifelike.

thanks mate. all the modeling was done in 3ds max.

Sad to hear that. I’m also struggling to make a quality environment with Unreal+DK2 (even w/out dynamic illumination). Hope they’ll optimize the engine for Oculus soon.

Hey AxSoler,

What exactly are you struggling with? I would love to get more feedback about any issues that you might have. Come over to the VRForums and start a thread about what problems you are having. Also do not forget that you can post any performance problems that you might have to Answer HUD as well.


This is the most aesthetically pleasing Arch-Vis project I’ve seen in UE4 so far! The warm colors, rich textures, and soft whites all compliment each other beautifully!

As for performance, if you make your lights static instead of stationary, you can save a LOT on not having to render GGX specular. You can replace the IES profiles with decals, which can save a lot of effort with rendering. If your scene is already made without dynamic or stationary lights, you can lower the resolution so it runs properly. This is the easiest way to make rendering easier. You can also get some boost out of using a lower quality SSR and replacing some of the reflections with ambient cubemaps.

I’m curious about how much memory you’re using right now. If your memory is way too high, that could be the holdup. If not, then you’ll just need a better graphics card to run this thing in VR.