RealTime Architectural Visualization.

Hi Sam.

Even though I set static lights frame rate drops easily, and judder appears, even in a relatively simple scene. I have to recognize I have not had the time to battle enough with it yet, but I’ve found similar opinions in others in the forums, so it made me think it was not only me, but also that adaptation to the engine to VR had to be perfectioned yed… Of course maybe I’m wrong. I have to say my card is a 570 Ti. I know, I know, but I get much less FPS than in other more complex Oculus demos out there, and I wanted to target a wider range of systems, not only top ones. Maybe Unreal+Oculus “team” needs a higher system, but then the result pays off.

I’ll consider posting a thread but first I will give it another try. But I wanted to make you a question: are you at Epic aware of Oculus optimization problems that can be adjusted in future versions, or if all the recomendations are followed performance should be ok by now?


Well when you have time please post your PC spec and even a UE4 project setup in a manner that is giving you FPS issues. This way I have something more concrete to test with as well as something to give the VR team to look at.

Ohh and BTW the Arch Viz stuff in this thread looks amazing…I am totally not trying to hijack the thread, just want to make sure that any VR problem UE4 might have do not go unnoticed.

You can try turning off anti aliasing and screen space reflections to see if that helps, or try a lower resolution.

Thanks Sam (and also mariomguy)
Finally, after Oculus published consumer version official minimun requeriments, I’ve jumped to GTX 970, and so all FPS problems are gone. (Now I have other problems but I’ve moved that question to Answehub).

So restoring the thread to it’s original subject. Congrats for the interior, VirtualSurrealism.

Thanks for posting your work.


May I ask you some questions?

  1. Will this real time Unreal project run on the oculus?
  2. Is it true Stereoscopic or is it just in your face if you use oculus? Meaning can you feel the depth?
  3. I assume that to make this takes much more time than an usual render?
  4. What is the approximate price of doing such project?

I am looking forward to see more of your realtime work!