Really weird problem with decal and particle effect

I’m having a weird problem with a particle effect that spawns decals on collision event (blood drops that fall on the ground and spawn blood decals at collision location). I’ve followed this tutorial I fire this event every time i got hit by my enemy character. The particle works (drops of blood) but the decals doesn’t appear on the floor. I discovered that this was caused by the material of my enemy character (fur material made with displacement map). If i change the material of my enemy the decals appear on the floor. This make me think that there isn’t any mistakes in what i’ve done, so i’m asking you what is the cause of this problem, why a material would stop a decal to work? Maybe is because the material is “heavy performance”? Can you give me some advice on how to try to fix this?

I get very similar problem here, I don’t have find any solution for the moment.