Really need help with Steam VR Input

Hi Guys,

I’m having a real headache trying to get the Steam VR Input plugin working. Please have a look at the steps below and tell me if I’m missing something.

  1. Installed plugin to engine from market place.
  2. Edited defaultengine.ini to include the lines…
  3. Set input action bindings for vive, rift and index controllers inside project preferences.
  4. Implemented actions inside of blueprints.
  5. Clicked regenerate manifest and bindings files.
  6. in Steam store page Pointed the open VR link to the manifest file.

Here’s the thing…
The controls and unique/new bindings all work when I preview in VR inside the editor but none of my own unique bindings work in the packaged build.
If I add the sample bindings “fire arrow left” etc and implement them inside the blueprint they work in the packaged build but again, no new actions I’ve added manually.
If I open Steam VR while playing and select “show bindings on controllers” everything appears exactly where it should be.

I have checked the manifest.json file and the individual files for each controller and all the mappings are present. Just nothing works.
If anybody has any idea where I’m going wrong please help me out as I am at my absolute whits end with this problem.