Really high temperatures when baking light


I hope this is the right place to ask this. I am using a laptop, so I know is normal that temps can get a bit high. The problem is that even running a prime95 test, my CPU temp gets around 81-82 degrees celsius. When I run UE4 light baking temp jump to 90, with 96 peaks! Honestly I am worried of blowing my laptop now if I run the baking! I had to limit the cpu usage via windows, because even setting 6 cores in the developer settings of the swarm didn’t affect temps…

Is this normal? I understand that baking is an heavy task, but again, it’s strange that prime, or rendering a scene in blender with all cores gets temp to 82 degrees top.

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

Prime 95 stresses random access memory (optional) and CPU, GPU is not involved. The same goes for rendering unless you use GPU accelerated Vray or similar.

On the other hand, even idling in the editor already utilises some GPU power, adding to the overall temperature - if you now combine it with a tiny form factor and average cooling solutions used in most laptops, you will end up with a potent radiator, perfect for chilly winter evenings.

Anything above 90 degrees sounds a bit scary. Monitoring what your GPU is doing during those peaks will most likely solve the mystery.

Make sure the vents are not obstructed, point a fan at your laptop or invest in an additional cooling solution - USB powered cooling pads can work like a charm and you can get a half-decent one for $25.

if I am not in the editor while the light is being built the gpu is not working, so in my opinion the cpu temps are not normal. Both prime95 or a render in blender use 100% of the cpu exactly like unreal does, but the temperature of the cpu are 10 degrees higher in unreal, while the gpu is more or less at the same temperature. I saw looking a bit on the internet that I am not the only one having this issue, but I couldn’t find a solution.

Again… I know that a laptop will have higher temperatures, but I cannot find a reason why in unreal they get so high compared to processes that are in theory stressing the cpu the same way.

Lighting is not built on the GPU. Not sure why the temperature would be that much higher though, but laptops aren’t really designed for that purpose.

indeed that’s the cpu temp that is getting really high, not the gpu. And as I said I know laptop temps get high easily, but I cannot understand why unreal is getting so much higher temps that other similar apps. What is the difference between using all 8 cpu threads at 100% while rendering in blender or building the light in unreal? Why in blender I get 82 degrees and in unreal over 90? That’s what buggering me, I would like to understand why this happens.