Really hard time on a cloaking a character!

I’m to the “pulling hair out” stage, haha.

I’m trying to put together a material to be driven in an instance for a character cloaking. For example’s sake, let’s say it’s just like the Predator cloaking–setting up a material instance I’d be able to drive the character going from opaque to translucent with refraction for the “invisible” effect, and then drive other parameters for a kind of electric wash over it.

It’s the transition from opaque to translucent I’m lost on.

My problem…it seems in Unreal 4, setting a material to be translucent means it won’t receive proper lighting (I probably would have put all this into one huge material in UDK3). Obviously I can’t have a character running around that isn’t lit properly, and after thinking layered materials might be my salvation I realized those are limited to the blending mode as well.

Any ideas? Am I stuck doing something like a material swap? I suppose I could try using an opaque masked blend mode, dissolve that and then swap to the translucent one with a ramp up on it’s refraction settings, but it seems like there will be a pop in there.

There may be some discrepancies because of the deferred shaded environment – blended objects cannot be deferred shaded.
However, what do you mean by “properly”? Dynamic shadows should work just fine on blended objects, for example. However, I don’t think you get a very large number of lights, so if your lighting setup is very complex, that might be a problem.

That being said, what’s wrong with a material swap? It’s not that hard to set up, and will likely look best overall, with the small draw-back of lighting changing as you turn on/off the cloak. If you add electric arcing at the same time, that’s unlikely to matter.

Make it masked.

Here is how i set it up.

Yeah, you can make the transition with masked material, and then switch the material to your fancy-predator-translucent one when the transition is complete.

maybe the video in this thread will make you happy : [Tutorial]Dissolve Material - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums ^^

Edit : It took me long to retrieve this post, why DieByZer0 got time to post another solution, but please look at it. It took me really long (i just remembered it was in a community thread :smiley: )

A is your actual number from -1 to 1. This controls fading.