Reallusion to UE4 movie proces

I am trying to work with the process of using characters and animations built in Reallusion (iClone7) to UE4.26.2 I was able to use the livelink to connect the two but when I started to go and do the movie rendering (window>cinematics> sequence recorder) I got the warning that it is being discontinued and that I should use the Take Recorder. My project is for video not gaming so it seems that I am not able to make the animation happen to get the video recorded.
What am I doing wrong and what kind of fix do I need to do?
Is there a new process that I should be learning to make this setup work (if so where do I go to find the training on it)?
Most of the YouTube videos that I am able to find seem to be on the older side or of a different issue. The training video that Reallusion has is from 2019 and Im not able to find anything from UE/Epic on how to do this.