"Realistic Rendering" Camera Height? (+ Level Scaling Issues)

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know the exact camera height in the “Realistic Rendering” demo? The “FPS_Character” Blueprint does not contain a camera component. Therefore, am I correct in assuming that when a camera component is not present, the camera height is determined by the capsule component half-height combined with the base eye height (in this instance, 88 + 62 = 150)? So, essentially, the actual character height would be ~160cm (~5’3")?

If the above is correct (i.e. character height needs to be the equivalent of a midget to make real world scale feel right within UE4), then surely this serves as evidence that there are scaling issues? Increasing the character height to ~180cm (~5’11") with the capsule component half-height set to 90 and the camera height set to 170 (Z axis offset of 80) makes the player feel like a giant that would struggle to fit through the doors.

So, what is the solution? Due to the emergence of VR technologies, we’re encouraged to use real world scale, but clearly this doesn’t work (at least with characters). So, should the levels be real world scale and then the characters Dwarven scale?

Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks!