Realistic reactive water?

I saw some plugins of shaders etc, but is there a tutorial or a plugin that is ready for UE4 or some kind of “magic trick” to get very nice looking water, that reacts to things like characters walking, gunshots etc…

Doesn’t have to have a very advanced fluid simulation, just enough so that there is wave crashing and that someone walking on the water affects it

In short, no. There are a fair few plug-ins and shader networks floating around but water is one of the biggest challenges in UE4 right now. You can hunt around and if you’re handy with C++ and the Material Editor and various external tools (Houdini in my case) you can put something really nice together, but there’s not one thing that everybody flocks too.

As for reactive water, there is only one Fluid-Surface like plug-in that I know of right now and that was in the GitHub/Engine part of the forum somewhere. JamesG released the Fluid source code from UE2 and somebody adapted it into a plug-in. There is also a good hour-long tutorial around somewhere on simulating buoyancy with water, and a few good shader networks around too.

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There isn’t one yet, but as TheJamsh pointed out, there is one that a user has made based off the Unreal Engine 2 code. You can find the plugin information here on the forums..

Ehamloptiran has made the plugin available via GitHub. You will need a couple of things to use it though. You’ll need a free GitHub account, The plug-in, the Engine Source Files for UE4, and the Visual Studio 2013 Express (this is the free version).

You’ll have to compile source and the plugin to use this though.

I hope this helps!

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Best water in vid games.

We need to keep this thread on topic of how to create reactive water rather than point out other games and their uses, please.

Pretty basic; not a plugin, but could get you started. The last two tuts show a bunch of blueprints that could give you some ideas.