Realistic planetary cloud creation.

Say I already have created a planet with terrain and ocean. How would I go about creating 3d or decent looking 2d clouds that can move around a sphere or planet. I would like it to look similar to this video.

Many options for this.
The best approach is to modify the sky-sphere included in the engine content.

  • Step 1: enable engine content and search skysphere
  • Step 2: copy all the files to a folder in your local content - so you don't overwrite the engine files
  • Step 3: break the materials apart and examine how the clouds are made to pan/move
  • Step 4: mimicking the way the system is implemented you can overlay more clouds into a new clod custom material and pan them in different directions to achieve a simple randomization.
  • Step 5: Create Scalar Parameter values and a Parameter collection so you can affect the amount of clouds, the colors, the positions via code within your level for Rain, Thunder, etc.

Doing it properly is a little involved. just breaking apart the sky-sphere can take around a day or 2. Once you do it though you’ll quickly be able to make the other changes.
The hard part at that point is the artwork - unlike the UE4 sky-sphere does, you probably want to make sure your cloud textures tile nicely :wink:

Thank you. What if I had figured out how to make volumetric clouds that looked very similar to the video. How would I bend those clouds around a sphere? For example, in no mans sky, there are 3d looking clouds that move around the planet this is the one I’m trying to recreate. But then when your about to exit the planet, there seems to be another sphere around the planet that is a 2d cloud texture.

I am also looking for a way to wrap volumetric cluds around a planet