Realistic Paper


I’m very new to Unreal Engine and trying to do my first prototype. I would like to include pieces of paper in my level that can be held by the character and have nice physics to it (corners that are slightly staying back when the paper is moved). I have no idea where to start or how to do this. Also, I would like some things to be drawn and/or written on these pieces of paper, is there a way to do this inside of Unreal Engine? Or does the writting have to be imported with the asset and on the asset?
If you know a place where I could download these blueprints partly or completely done, it would also be nice, otherwise any help on how to start would be appreciated, thanks!

There is no way you are finding a pre-made blueprint for that.
To get physics you will need a rigged model, so better start learning blender.
If you want to write on it in realtime in game then you should look into render targets.

I see, thank you for your answer. I have another question. If I already have a paper (mesh+material), can I apply images or text on it inside of Unreal? So I can just duplicate my paper and have several lying around in my scene. (Not talking about the physics part)

I’m not sure about dynamically loading image / text, but it should be fairly easy to save your image / text samples as a texture and have a material that combines that with your paper texture.

Did a bit of googling, have not actually watched it but here might be a useful tutorial