Realistic movement speeds

I’m not entirely sure if this counts as a tutorial, but I looked everywhere to try and find good movement speed values to use for my human characters and had no luck. The default speed was just too fast and after playing around with the speed for a while, I still wasn’t able to get any good results. Took me forever to figure out what the speed was measured in (cm/s), and going off of that I was able to convert average speeds in mph and get something that looks and feels right in UE4. So, here you go!
Walk speed: ~140
Run speed: ~340
Crawl speed: ~70
Swim speed: ~90**

Sprint: 1242

(If your character is Usain Bolt :wink: )

**Swim Speed: 213 **

(César Cielo)


So they’re using cm/s?

i use this site to convert km/h to cm/s
came up with:
Walk @ 4.5km/h = 125cm/s
Run @ 18 km/h = 500cm/s

For whatever reason, yep.

Yes, they are. 1 uu (Unreal unit) = 1 cm

That’s why all the speeds are measured in cm/s.

The metric system in UE is a core fundamental “thing” to get used to, if you simply aren’t used to this system of measurement. I for one prefer it, as it makes more sense than the “standard” measurement system. Everything is 1, 10, 100, etc, not to mention that most modeling software is using the metric system by default. So for example, 1cm in Maya is equal to 1cm in UE, all settings at default.

A lot of beginners struggle with this, but it’s a lot friendlier once you step away from the dark side. :wink:

There is the metric system … and then there is the system used by those that have been to the moon … :slight_smile:

Do i really need to mention that scientific and engineering-wise the metric system is also default in the US?
Get your meters together man, your inches are not worth a quarter deci.

haha i know - i was just giving y’all a hard time …

Nice thread, it also took me some fiddling to get realistic values.
What do you guys do about jumps? In the default UE4 tpp example the dude jumps unrealistically high and then feels like it slowly floats down.
Any values for stuff like gravity scale, jump z accel and stuff like that to make things feel more realistic?

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