Realistic inside forest (linghting help)

Hello guys its been 1 week since ive started using UE4 (a quite amazing piece of software)…but i am having trouble in creating realistic lighting including the mood i am looking for

so this is my progress uptill now :-

and i wanna achieve somthing like this:-

the problem is…how can i achieve this! any help would be …

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Add more fog.

You need a wider range of vegetation and you need a landscape that isn’t flat. Also it looks like the textures for the leaves aren’t very good, the shapes stand out too much

1: use the ‘two sided’ material type in the tree leaves material. put the diffuse texture into the sub-surface colour. opacity is ‘1-[intensity of backlighting]’.
2: put an ‘exponential height fog’ actor in to your scene. that will give you the low-land fog.
3: you need dense, high foliage, like the bushes.
4: add a LUT profile to your post processing volume. use that to make the colours more uniform like in the screenshot. some of photoshops default ‘night time’ LUTs work well enough.
4: denser trees. moar.
5: reduce the intensity of your atmospheric fog. with the exp fog as well, it will be too strong. but you should have both to get what you’re after.
6: sprinkes: mess around with a particle system that spawns low-land fog. reduce the intensity of the exp fog a bit when doing this. this will give you nice moving fog through your scene.

You need volumetric fog that sits low on the ground and no sunlight.

actually yeah that is a good point, delete your directional light and use just a skylight. that will help give you the ‘overcast’ look.

Thankyou soooo much guyz for helping me out it helped me a lot!

and here is the result uptill now(LUT helped me alot!)

but its still not looking realistic like what koola is doing in his videos

i make the skylifgt and sun both moveable…

anyways koola said he uses DFGI and he didnt even need to build lighting!! but i cant see it anywhere
does anyone knows how to use DFGI? is it in the official build of in github?

thanks in advance

Add more small and medium scale foliage. Right now you only have tall canopy trees, real forests have multiple layers of trees.

DFGI is currently broken, you’re better off looking up how to enable the UE4’s Light Propagation Volumes at the moment instead for a scene like that. Your scene’s also too bright, try darkening the color of the fog if you want to match the reference a bit more.