Realistic Grass 1

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Title - Realistic Grass 1

Price - $11.99

Version - 1.5 (This is the latest version on the marketplace)

Short Description - 36 High quality grass mesh assets each with adjustable wind strength, interaction, snow effect and colour variation.

Long Description - 36 Photorealistic grass meshes designed to make environments look alive and natural, each meshes includes 3 LOD meshes and materials to make them as optimized as possible. They also include adjustable wind strength, color variation and snow effect this helps to make the grass look more natural in all environments, as well as featuring character interaction this allows your players and vehicles the appearance of moving through the grass this effect is fully adjustable. This pack contains 15 small grass patches to allow for more randomization when using the foliage tool, and 3 larger patches of grass to help block out areas faster and with more density, as well as mobile version of each meshes and material to allow for use on all platforms

Technical Details -
36 Meshes
9 Grass Diffuse Textures (Three 2048x2048, Three 1024x1024, Three 512x512)
(Note lower resolution textures are for LODs)
1 PlaceHolder Texture (One 128x128)
9 Material Instances
3 Master Materials
1 Showcase Level
1 Character Blueprint (Used to demo interaction with the meshes)
1 Game Mode Blueprint

Small Grass LODs
LOD0 Small Grass (40 - 65)
LOD1 Small Grass (25 - 40)
LOD2 Small Grass (15 - 35)

Large Grass LODs
LOD0 Large Grass (80 - 150)
LOD1 Large Grass (70 - 100)
LOD2 Large Grass (40 - 65)

Platforms - PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, IOS, Android




Great grass!

I got theses today. They look great. The wetlands and the woodlands grass look grate. They blend in with my grass texture nicely. I will post some pic when I get some time. The only thing I would like to see for grassland grass is having sone smaller sized grass for the edges, I think there all to high. as for that it quite good for the price.

Thanks for the feedback im going to start making some improvements to the pack in the next few days so ill add this to the list of things to do :slight_smile:

Thanks Gametextures glad you like them!

Update 1.1


  • Distance culling fade added to all martials
  • Added ability to have multiple actors interact with the grass at the same time
  • Materials are now fully commented
  • Gradual grass interaction

Does it need distance culling fade now with the 4.7-4.8 dithered LOD for foliage? If you don’t have any distance culling fade in the material, the mesh just dithers out of existence which does basically the same thing. Am I missing something?

You are right its just something that i have implemented for if the meshes are placed in the world without the use of the foliage tool.

Hi there,

I’ve bought this and I wonder I I can somehow make it Mobile compatible…

I’m having trouble getting this grass to work well with baked static lighting? It seems like these are built for dynamic lighting or something. Anyone know what i’m talking about?

Hey man

Sorry for the delay on a replay using these assets on mobile should be plug and play but you may have problems using the interaction and advanced wind due to performance impact but that can vary depending on mobile device.
Let me know if you are having a specific problem with anything.

Thanks man

Hey mate

Sorry you are having problems with the lighting i cant seem to replicate the problem could you share more about you lighting setup?

Update 1.2


  • Fixed Interaction Problems
  • Fixed gamepad controls to work with interaction
  • Default values are now correct
  • Improved interaction effect
  • Improved naming convention
  • Improved character blueprint to work with interaction

The HQ master materials throw the following errors in the ES2 feature level and when the grass is placed on a scene, the material does not render…

Error [ES2] (Node TextureSample) Node not supported in feature level ES2
Error [ES2] (Node TextureSampleParameter2D) Node not supported in feature level ES2
Error [ES2] Function PivotPainter_PerObjectData: (Node TextureCoordinate) Only 3 texture coordinate sets can be used by this feature level, currently using 4

ok thanks for the info mate i’ll look in to this and get back to you asap with how to fix it, but from the looks there are features in the HQ material that are not supported by mobile, i will looking in to making mobile specific materials in an update

Hey man,
I have fixed the problem you have been having it was due to mobile not supporting a number of the features in the HQ and MQ materials i have now add feature settings so that these features will not cause errors when trying to use the materials on mobile. unfortunately mobile does not support the advanced wind or interaction features of the pack (Due to software limitations) so the grass will switch to the new mobile wind settings, i will be sending the update to unreal tomorrow so hopely it will up soon, sorry for any problems this might of caused you :slight_smile:

Edit: The update will also have some cool new features to look forward too :smiley:

Thanks for looking into this. You’re the man!!! Looking forward to replace the wrong grass I have in my project with your amazing grass

Hey man,

Sorry for the delay on the update seems unreal are taking a while to process the update, not sure how long its going to be.
sorry for any problems this might have caused.

Update 1.3


  • Wind Can now be controlled with the Directional Wind Source actor in the level
  • Vertex colour based snow painter system
  • Mobile compatible (Only with basic wind due to mobile limitations)
  • Wind controls for mobile to allow for the system to adjust to the platform
  • Feature switch to allow all platforms to render the meshes


  • Default values adjusted
  • Meshes now contain Vertex information by default
  • Additional commenting on new system

Video showing the new snow vertex paint system on its way!