Realistic Eyes

Hello people,
Im currently working on this hobby learning project with one of my characters and now Im wondering how to achieve nice looking Eyes.
In maya you would have at least two meshes: One underlying color mesh that holds texture for the eyeball itself, and one slightly bigger, slightly bulged out refractive specular mesh.

In UE im having troubles replicating that setup, I had a look at some glass material tutorials on youtube and my results were matching theirs, but for my situation it still wasnt correct.

Am I addressing the matter wrongly? How do big games deal with realistic detailed eyes? Can anyone give me insight?



You can use bump map offset to create nice looking iris, you just need good displacement map. I made good looking eye model in ue4 to create external transparent layer i used translucent material with given values

color 100% white
metalic 100%
roughness to something low
opacity controled by frenel