Realistic Car Headlights

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a way to create a realistic car headlight.
I am trying to simulate the headlight while using the spot light. But I don’t have a IES File. And just the spot light doesn’t feel like a real car headlight.

Does someone can give me a hint? Or could give me a model or a link where I can find a car model with good looking headlights?

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You need to have an actual light source, typically that means you need a mesh that represents the lightbulb with an emissive texture on there.

You probably want to paint a texture with a cut-off/reflector artefacts in it, and hook it up to your light as a Light Function.

@darthviper107 @Crow87

Thank you very much for your ideas. Especially the light functions could be really helpfull trying to simulat light with a cut-off line.

Another option is to add an environment fog.

I recommond 2 sets for this:
a) for the lightbeam: one or more cones for the “godrays” (translucent, no shadows) and one or more movable Spotlights for the actual Lightning.
b) for the source of the light: the lamps (bulb or LED) with emmissive materials, then a semi-transparent glass material for the plexi-glas.

In the attachment there are representative ies files for a low beam and a high beam, you need to rotate 90° about x axis

Second this as well, one emission teuture for the light bulb and then a spotlight for the shafts + a fog actor for added effect