Realistic Blueprint weapons have been approved.

The support thread:
Support thread

Thank you so much for the support guys, it really means a lot.

I will now work towards getting it ready for prime time. Comment all the blueprints, make some example weapons and test test test.

To celebrate this milestone I have made a video of the latest updates I have made to the system.

It now offers a very good model for drag that accounts for the size and weight of the bullet along with the aerodynamic profile of the bullet.
Implemented a burst mode for the weapons.
Implemented a bow weapon to see if it would function with more primitive projectiles as well (it looks and sounds like a gun, but it shoots like a bow). This should also allow for weapons like a catapult or a mortar.
You can set a risk of a weapon jamming.

Once again, thank you for your support. Please let me know if you think I am missing essential features.
I hope you enjoy the video. I apologize for my rusty voice and incoherent voice over, it was a rough weekend :slight_smile:

Some new videos here:

This is great .

Not to be that guy but… the movement doesn’t look realistic at all. Very eumm stuttery and the weapon move out of sight when moving a lot.
You should really change the near clipping plane.
Also getting errors isn’t a good sign.

The motion of the weapon is a part of the animation. The animation is from the free animation pack from the market. I mention in a previous video that this is not something I will make in this project.
This system is actually using the muzzle of the weapon itself as the point of origin for the bullet. That is why the crosshair is moving the way it is. It is tied to the animation. And to reiterate, the animation is something for the buyers of this project to sort out for themselves.
You can make a fixed weapon socket instead and not tie it to the characters animation. It will take care of the erratic movement of the weapon.
Also, there is no recoil either. This is also a part of the animation.

The error is an error related to the network checks I believe. I am aware it is there, and it is being worked on. I believe it might be a bug since it is working as intended even though I get said error, but I am looking into it. It won’t be available in the marketplace before Epic says it is ready, and I doubt they will say it is ready with errors like that.

Btw, you were that guy :slight_smile: and it is good, someone has to be.

I just have, thanks for the heads up.

Great work and many thanks !
Can’t wait for the release :slight_smile:
Could you tell us how much it will cost? Would be nice to know, so I can put that money back ^^

I believe it will be 25$. I can’t remember what I put in, but it will be around there.

Very nice work.

Looks great as always! Can’t wait to take a look at it once it’s released.


Cannot wait to buy it :slight_smile:


When will this be on the market place?

I cannot wait to buy it :smiley:

I sent them my info today, so when they get back to me I have a better idea of when I can release this.

do u support impact and decals?
if its yes im gonna buy it

I can easily implement that for you…

You want a small dust puff and a decal where it hits? Consider it , will post pic tomorrow

I just finished it. Now buy it and email me :slight_smile:


Hey - I will be buying this tomorrow but I have a question.

Can I define a mesh (Example: Arrow, Throwing Spear, Javlin , etc.) for example that will stick out of a character mesh or Static mesh that is hit by the line trace?
Can this be optional as well as I am pretty sure that everyone who uses this wont need a mesh sticking out of a character.

Just curious. :slight_smile:

PS - If this is to specific of a request please feel free to disregard. :slight_smile:

I look forward to buying this,

very very nice
ill buy it in couple of days (charging credit card)
good job :slight_smile:
ill email u when im (maybe sunday or monday)

it will very helpfull if u can specific the impact and the decal to the physical materials

You can define a mesh for the projectile, see how in the video:

You do however need the updated version, so buy it in the marketplace, then email me and I will send you the updated version.

Making the projectile stick to the character or terrain isn’t implemented(yet). I’ll get around to it soon(ish)

Making the impact and decal depend on the physcial material will be in a later update. It ties into penetration and I’d rather get all things right together. Less work overall for me, and easier for you to implement once I get it .