Real world scale Material ?

Hi Everyone,

i want to have a Material which is working similar to the WorldAlignedTexture, but ( here comes the point where i am not sure if its even possible) i only want to scale the Material/Textures so that its size is in Real world but its still respecting the UV Layout. If its not Possible in the Material directly, then maybe its possible in a Blueprint which controls the Tiling.

Thanks for any tips :wink:


Do you mean the texture coordinate node? You can use it to change the tiling to the U and V coordinate independently as well a select the uv chanel of your choice.

This is how to set it up.


Hi Heartlessphill,
Jeah i know that, but what i want to do is different. As soon you put your material on a nother Object wich is bigger in size or get scaled, the Bricks would be not the same size any more, so you have to go with another instance of the same material and configurate it for every object. Exactly that is what i want to avoid.

Thanks anyways :slight_smile:

multiply a tex coord over object radius, then multiply over a scalar param to adjust size. note this only works with uniform scaling