Real-Time Render Arcvhiz Walkthrough Feedback

Hello there my name isand I’m currently trying to improve my skills in Real-Time Rendering for arcvhiz, for this reason I would really love if you could tell me what you think about my project what things i could improve


I’m quite a beginner in Unreal, but I’ve done a ton of reading in the doc pages, articles from sources external to Unreal, browse the forums / AnswerHub daily to learn try helping. The initial living room is great, for both day night scenarios. I didn’t see any artifacts on the walls / floor / ceilings, in the metallic object on the right, in the small shadowed spaces of the wall coat hang or the tv center. Chairs were amazing in detail lighting, the kitchen area appeared mostly spot-free except for the in the far left corner (when facing the door), it could have a bit of shadow distortion or artifact…I’ll need to watch again. When first turning into the hallway, look at the walls on the sides of the camera view, there’s a noticeable acne / splotching on those surfaces (as they’re getting closer to the camera). The wall directly ahead when turning from the dining area to the hallway (it’s a wide wall) has some artifact on the lower part of it, from the floor level to about 1/4-1/2 meter up the wall. The bathroom looks excellent, especially the shower glass the sink, the tile looks good too. The bedroom has similar artifacts in the two far corners on the wall, where it looks like the lighting is somehow producing crinkling strange folds in the wall surface (like a bad attempt at removing old wallpaper). I’ve seen it before in pictures, this type of artifacting / distortion, it often shows up around sharp changes in surface geometry combinations of lighting / shadowing, such as the molding along a baseboard trim of walls near ceilings, around doors / wall corners where geometry of the surfaces varies suddenly at smaller scales. One way I know of to reduce / prevent it is in World Lightmass settings, decrease Static Lighting Level Scale (which I assume you’ve already done for the project), increase Indirect Lighting Quality, decrease Indirect Lighting Smoothness to between 0.5 0.8 depending on how much Quality was increased. Another is increasing lightmap resolution, but I’m rather certain you’re aware of that. How are the reflection capture probes placed in the scene?