Real-Time Ray Tracing Shadow Issue with Instanced Static Meshes

I noticed an issue with real-time ray tracing shadows cast by instanced static meshes. The problem has been there for a while, occurring with both UE 4.24 and 4.25. Does anyone know a workaround? Thanks!

I’m having the same issue, with instanced foliage. I tested a bunch of stuff and not much worked. On default settings my instanced foliage will have shadows in normal raster mode, but when I turn on ray tracing a lot of it goes away. Some bigger objects, like cacti, cast shadows (but not all of them do), while most of my plants like dry brush/shrubs will cast no shadows at all unless they are a static mesh dragged directly out of the content browser.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Some of my trees have shadows from ray tracing, but others in the same instanced actor do not. This issue only shows up with ray traced shadows, normal rasterized shadows work. (Currently on 4.26.2)