Real-Time Multiplayer on an IOS device

Hello There,
I am hoping to create a game for IOS with local multiplayer (or possibly over the internet) that is in real time.

First thing is first, I have general experience with Unreal Engine 4. We have worked on it in school, I use Bluprint at home as well to just muck around. I do not know C++.

I was wondering how I would go about setting up peer to peer multiplayer or Listen hosted multiplayer. My aim would be to allow 2-4 players to connect and play a game. The game I have in mind would be a 2d platformer style game.

What would be the best way to do this? Would it be possible to use GameCenter at all?

If not, what would any alternatives be?

Thanks a lot in advance

I will tell you that is is possible. Much like how Crossy road can have real-time multiplayer with one iPhone and one Apple TV 4. But for QoS I would advise not running a listen server, and instead use dedicated servers unless you port this project to 4.11 and use an ATV 4 as a listen server. I also I don’t know if Game Center has a match making feature. So LAN play is the best choice.

Only in LAN? Can 2 iOS device play with each other?

Bump. Does anyone have a successful set up to get IOS devices connected to a multiplayer server whether it be listen or dedicated? I know things are changing rapidly and Epic might release official services soon BUT… I am wondering were things are at right now and what works and what doesn’t.