Real time lip sync options?

Hi there, I’ve been looking around for a solution to allow my character and npc’s to have lip sync done at run time with an audio file. The idea would be that I already have morph targets set up for my visemes, and have the mouth animate based on the audio file for dialogue in real time instead of having to pair up thousands of dialogue recordings with thousands of separate animations. If pre-animated lip sync is the only way, I will have to live with that, but it would be cool to have it done automatically.

i feel like this should be possible
too… you can do it in other
programs. did you find a solution?

for me even a simple solution like.
the louder the sound, the wider the
mouth opens. it would be better than
nothing even ifnthey look like

I know this is very late, but you can check OVR Lipsync plugin. You can use audio files to generate OVRLipsync files that outputs visemes with correct timing which you can use to drive your morph targets. By default you need to generate the OVRLipSync file in editor, but I think you can modify the code a bit to make it work in runtime.