Real-Time High Resolution Cloth Simulation Via GPU ?!

Hi,I’m not a game developer,but i’m using UE4 to develop enterprise application.
I used Marvelous Designer and Nvidia Flex before,until i saw this video,
this guy succeed simulate clothing particles 60x faster than Flex,and full body collision in UNITY,can this happen in Unreal?!

“Jim Hugunin has spent the last few years building a high-resolution realtime cloth simulation simulator within Unity.
In this talk he explains the hard technical challenges in formulating an algorithm that can take maximum advantage of the GPUs capabilities.
Then, he shows how Unity can be used effectively to develop this algorithm.”

你可以使用Nvidia的Apex Cloth……


Nvidia Flex可以做角色动态布料吗 @刘鲲 APEX我们用下来感觉布料效果不达标。


我现在正在研究cloth系统,以下是用apexcloth for maya制作的一个空翻动画,看起来一切正常。

hey guys! im studing about the cloth system, This is a flip animation I uesed to do with [apexcloth for maya] ,It looks like well.
but,when i import the cloth to UE4,that’s a big wrong .
i want to get some help!