Real time effects

Im really interested in Visual effects. To be honest I want to become a VFX artist for games. In generally I already have a bit knowledge with the particle system in Unreal engine. But only simple partcles. What I wonder is how can I create an effect like any skills from video games? On youtube I only find simple particle effects where the particles are spraying in every direction but I can’t find any tutorials where they create skills like any magician skills or any warrior skills. Maybe like this: game fx reel 2012 - YouTube (yeah the effects are createt with Unity but I mean kinda like those skills) I searched for days and could never find any answers or tutorials for how to make those effects. Would be really nice if anyone could help me. It would relief me.
Im looking forward to hearing from you :).

Use some of the existing scenes to learn from. Eg. FeaturesTour2014 includes some fire, water and ice effects - open them up, study how they work, then try to replicate desired looks. Infiltrator demo (also downloadable) is filled with numerous modern particle effect - see how they work, which nodes achieve what effect, try to incorporate what you learn in your own effects. Do some exercises - eg. try to create a tornado VFX. Or a thunder storm. Look for some interesting effects used in other engines - try to replicate them in UE (if you can - download tutorial files, things like textures, sometimes meshes, can be reused in UE).

Don’t get too attached to the tutorials - they’re good for the beginning, but you won’t become a VFX artist from a tutorials. You need to do stuff yourself. The more the better.

Thank you so much for you anwer! Yes i know i can’t become a VFX artist through youtube tutorials. Thats why im trying to find out how several thinks works that i can try it out for myself. Im doing my best thanks a lot, I appreciate it :). I will check out Infiltrator demo