Real-Time Compositing Shadow and Reflection

Hello Everyone,

I tried without success for a moment to have an accurate shadows and reflection catcher.
I take advantage of the release of the 4.22 and the Real-Time Compositing plugin to ask if someone has a trick to have these catcher ?

Thank you.

What are you exactly trying to access to? Per light shadow pass? Shader cubemaps? Light pass?

Thank you for your answer.
I try to do this kind of things : Digital Characters - Injustice 2 on Vimeo. So I need to output a greyscale alpha signal with shadows and reflection to composite my final sequence on a top of a real video.
I will be very grateful if you could give me some tips for doing that.

Thank you.

What have you tried? It’s hard to offer help without know where you are having problems.

Hi! Is there any sample about how to use it?