Real Surfaces V02: 20 AAA PBR Nature Mats

[UPDATE] Submission has been moved to the queue Trello!! Updating with a couple more images to show variety.

Hi everyone! Posting over here to let you know that our second materials pack, 20 AAA PBR Nature Mats has been submitted to the Trello boards. It should be popping up there within a few days, and we will update with a link when it does. Please stop by and give it a vote if you like what you see and want it up on the Marketplace sooner.

A little bit about the package:

  • Contains 20 legitimately AAA quality texture sets that would normally take a seasoned artist 2-3 days to create (and cost a developer hundreds of dollars in the process). We will be selling them at $1.50 each ($30.00 for the whole package).

  • Each surface is super high resolution and has been physically scanned from life for both diffuse and surface bump information. This means that the albedo, normal and height maps are true ‘PBR’ because they have been baked down from high resolution scanned geometry, instead of being converted from a photograph or sculpted by hand, which tends to produce unrealistic results.

  • Each surface is then painstakingly tiled in all directions and rid of any noticeable repetition using proven AAA production techniques, and all additional PBR maps are hand authored using measured real world data, including Albedo/diffuse, Normal, Roughness/Microsurface, Specular, Ao, and Height/Parallax maps.

  • All packages include a test scene complete with all necessary Parent materials and material instances.

Here are a few more images to give you an idea of the variety and quality:

New Images:





Original Images:






Please vote and comment to let us know what you think!


The RS Team

Looking forward to this release. Great stuff and amazing quality.

These look amazingly realistic. I like them.

By the way, you could make a poll for the options – I would vote for Abandoned Industrial textures.

Very good , I’m looking forward to

  • Furniture Construction (machined wood, plastics, raw/polished metals, particle board, glass)
  • Abandoned Industrial (peeling paint, dirty concrete, debris strewn floor, rusted/ oxidized metal etc…)

I hope textures are not too clean but hyperrealist

Are they rendred in UE4 with a height map and POM shader? looks like the quixel megascans, really cool :slight_smile:

Looks really great :slight_smile:

I’m more interested in architetural styles, like:

  • Abandoned Industrial (peeling paint, dirty concrete, debris strewn floor, rusted/ oxidized metal etc…)
  • Old style, something like 18th century mansions, for example.

Keep the amazing work!!!

Kind Regards.

Will do. Thanks!

Yes, always Unreal 4 using just the standard surface shading model with tessellation enabled and the heightmap driving the vertex worldspace offset. Nothing crazy, but now that you mention it, the vegetation surfaces might benefit from using a subsurface color to simulate light penetration too.

18th century mansions is a good one! Thanks:)

This will probably be my first marketplace buy. Amazing job!

Does this work for landscapes?

You may need to modify or create your own materials for your specific landscape needs, but yes, the texture sets will work on any landscape.

Thank you! It’s up on the Trello boards now if you’d like to vote it up:)

Hi, Any update for C-Media Advanced Materials Ed.1 in UE4.6. And also for Cloth can replace with any mesh and Water can more quality. Thanks:)

You’ll have to ask C-Media about that.

Cloth is on our list of upcoming content, but water is a refractive surface and does not lend itself well to photogrammetry.

off course ,I voted

Amazing work guys…Would really like to see some Winter and Snowy stuff.


In the queue, and updated with some more images!

We definitely want to do that too. It will require some travel for us though, and we are still working on the logistics. We’re hoping to do 20 mats (10 snow, 10 ice) over the course of this winter though, so with any luck we’ll be able to pull it off within the next 4-8 weeks.

Why does it take ages for this to finaly coming to the marketplace? Been waiting for this forever and its still just hanging there at “Finalists for Marketplace Release” for more than a month. Its always the stuff I want the most to take the longest it seems.